Hong Kong Tailors- A Well Deserved Reputation

No one should deny themselves getting clothes made for them, if only one time in your life. Looking at swatch books, discuss thread counts and then, being worked over like a S Class Mercedes with a top mechanic in Stuttgart is nothing short of heaven. It all started quite by accident with me, traveling with a  fellow Warner Brothers executive who got a big package sent to him at his London hotel. It was a suite and sportcoat, one fitting, amazing from Corneliani in Italy. So I was hooked and below give you some quick favorites. Let me know yours!

My first time, as they say, was with Richard at Corneliani in Italy. A well cut shadow pald suit and a blue cashmere sport coat. One fitting, I sid one fitting and perfect. I need to go back. Does anyone know, since Corneliani has gone retail, if the NY shop does handmade suits or their London shop? Probably, but nothing beats the expresso in Italy right before you write the dollar in the toilet check—but well worth it.

Now Linda Chow, she was a recommendation from the Peninsula hotel in Hong Kong. Five minutes away, but an uphill battle through electronic store streets, markets, hawkers, you name it but in the end, again great. If you’ve been to a few Hong Kong tailors and everyone has their favorite, you always look at the VIP pictures. Some even have a list of dignitaries. I am still regretting not trying once the tailor on the Kowloon side who has Paul Volker thank you picture in it! So I walk in to Linda’s and she has lots of US Navy officers. Hmm, don’t I need some investment bankers to feel good I thought and the answer is no! Working with her, May and their tailor, I now have 2 sport coats (her tailor seems to work better with more structured materials/patterns), one suit (loro Piani, 2 pairs pants, 1200USD but that was 3 years ago!, 5 shirts) and she is a pleasure to deal with. She comes to America once a year and I have always had something going on and hope to one day bring my son for a one-time experience of getting a sport coat or something. What amazes me when I work with Linda, is when her tailor comes to your hotel for second fitting, sleeves flying, pins going everywhere and you realize that putting a suit together is like building an engine out of parts. Her tailor also helped me resolving a bad London sport coat issue (see below).

A dear friend, one of the most impeccable dressed dudes around recommended Joe Cairo to me and I most include him. My friend will get a gold or diamond ranking as a contributor and I will go and Joe, albeit it difficult to do it in my home town-there’s something about a tailor in Milan, Hong Kong or London that makes it that much more fun, eh?

Now to my avoid, pending comments from you. Probably 10 years ago, before the new owners came in, I went into French, Kilgour and Stanbury on Saville Row and got on my knees-Saville Row, the mecca, high tea, Indja, the Queen. I found a plaid pattern on a sport coat that I liked and they fitted me. Telling me I could get a ready to wear from Shanghai or their bespoke version and hearing the price difference (like 2K USD), I opted for Shanghai version. I ended up having not 1, not 2, but three recuts which is just unacceptable after you are hand-measured. It culminated with me meeting one of their Tailors during a trunk show in LA where he did his best. The problems were many but primarily, it was a somewhat unstructured jacked and they decided that putting giant should pads would help (probably my 44 short didn’t help also!). Anyway, I looked like a smaller version of the “refrigerator” from old Chicago Bear line days.  Only three years later did I visit Hong Kong, show it to Linda, who laughed uncontrollably…”what a mess” she said. After her tailor had a chuckle, he quickly pulled out the big pads, put in a much smaller pad, did something else for basic structure and then recats the way the buttons were aligned. Done, great but I have not been back to Kilgour-Any comments to the contrary?

Linda Chow Tailor

Rm 1101, 11/F Universal Comm Bldg

69 Peking Rd., T. S. T.

Kowloon,  Hong Kong

(Situated between Delaney’s The Irish Pub and Bossini Shop in stained glasses building door)

Tel: (852)2316-2366

Mobile (852) 9099-0822


Joe Cairo

Bill Cairo Custom Tailoring

work            626-284-6467

mobile            626-674-7043

work            joecairo@pacbell.net

Los Angeles, CA

Corneliani Clothing

Via Durini, 24

20122 Milan, Italy


phone (39)0276018132-43



No 8 Saville Row London


(44) 207-287-8187

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    Hong Kong Tailors- A Well Deserved Reputation…

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