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Flying VIPS is a member’s site by and for world business travelers who demand top recommendations they can trust for entertainment, food and drink, accommodations and transportation from like minded road warriors for destinations around the world.

When you've got a break in your meetings and you're sick of the hotel room, look to the Fun category to provide recommendations from bars to clubs, sports, the arts, shopping, site seeing and day trips. And wherever you are, world travelers need people to give them recommendations, to make our lives easier, to make us feel and look better and to make our lives more fun. That’s our People category. The Road Warrior Roundtable is an open blog forum to discuss life on the road, exchange war stories and share tricks of the trade. Here we also share our various surveys and “reach outs” to members as we look to create a “library” of good recommendations.

Finally, what distinguishes Flying VIPS from other websites is that we personally review our contributors, ranking them on the quality of their blogs and recommendations. Hope you enjoy and please share your tips and favorites!

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