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About this site and its Members:

Flying VIPS is a member’s site by and for world business travelers who

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demand top recommendations they can trust for entertainment, food and drink, accommodations and transportation from like minded road warriors for destinations around the world.

When you’ve got a break in your meetings and you’re sick of the hotel room, look to the Fun category to provide recommendations from bars to clubs, sports, the arts, shopping, site seeing and day trips.
And wherever you are, world travelers need people to give them recommendations, to make our lives easier, to make us feel and look better and to make our lives more fun. That’s our People category.
The Road Warrior Roundtable is an open blog forum to discuss life on the road, exchange war stories and share tricks of the trade. Here we also share our various surveys and “reach outs” to members as we look to create a “library” of good recommendations.

Finally, what distinguishes Flying VIPS from other websites is that we personally review our contributors, ranking them on the quality of their blogs and recommendations. Hope you enjoy and please share your tips and favorites!


The current categories were set-up based on availability of content. So, if you’ve got an expertise and lots to share for a destination not singled out, blog and comment in the Other Destinations and when we get between 5-10 good inputs for a specific destination, it will get its own dedicated destination.


Food and Drink

Pretty self-explanatory but feel free to add if a place is loud, fun, good for quiet meetings, if the bar or restaurant has anything special (like a great house band, or a karaoke hour that’s rocking), let us know. If you are so motivated, and this will help us as the site gets more and more content, add some tags (on the right hand side of your dashboard page as you compose blog) with adjectives such as gold standard, hip, new, joint (I like joints-funky and good food!) or even good value (You can even say-“only go if client is paying”-We’ve all got a few of those, eh?)


This is for hotels, B&B’s, efficiency apartments, resorts, private clubs with rooms to stay in, anywhere you might crash. Pictures are nice (for all posts!) and description of why you like the hotel, is it the service, the restaurant and bar scene, good business amenities, how’s the gym, what is it close to,etc. Like with the food and drink, please feel free to add some tags describing it from gold standard to boutique hotel,etc.


Every once in awhile, there’s some downtime on a trip and this section is to share for specific destinations some ideas that maybe your hotel concierge might not know, such as Clubs (day or night, golf, dance, chess, you name it), Sports, the Arts (live music, art shows or galleries,etc. be they permanent or short-term), day trips, shopping, site-seeing, beaches, hikes, runs, walks, gambling and this could be something you discovered, something a local business associate has turned you on to or even something that you have done when you brought your family along.


Local people can be invaluable when you hit a new city or even one that you think you know well. I hope you can share them, their information and help categorize them (via Tags) as

Recommenders: This would include concierges, travel agents and even good local websites
Making Life Easier: This would include private drivers, car services, personal shoppers, event organizers, lawyers, translators and even local “get it done people”.
Making Life More Fun: Bartenders, personal trainers (sometimes!) Waiters, Tour guides, fun waitresses, party and event planners, VIP handlers at hot clubs and others.
Looking and Feeling Better: Barbers, hair stylists, tailors, shoemakers and repairs, massage, doctors, dry cleaners.
Maybe you have a great friend who likes to take people around? Share them with the group, tell us some great stranger stories. We all have one or two. And feel free to use the tags.


Sounds easy enough. Preferred airlines and why, local airline preferences, mileage clubs, lounges (see the top airline lounges post and add your comments) and VIP services.
Don’t stop with airlines, tell us about private planes, car services, subways, trains, buses, walking and, my favorite, ferries.

Road Warrior Roundtable

Tricks of the Trade

Share how you deal with a global life, from dealing with jetlag, to packing secrets to what you steal from the hotel rooms to what you like to collect to what you bring home for gifts for the family.

Gear and Material Things

Let us know what new phone you’re using, a great off the rack shirt, your new car, eye glass designers, new running gear, shaving cream, gear and materials things that are your favorites-or that you think are not up to par for this group.

Music, Books and Art

What are you listening to, reading, looking at, thinking? Or just absorb what others are contributing.

Tell All

Come on, we all have an over the top client boondoggle story, or a wild 24 hour ride to get a deal closed, or a trip from hell, or a whacked out meeting with someone famous or seriously important that you always wanted to share, some poetic justice, or even a secret life story. If you want it no names, let us know.


This is where we seek information from the group from a Question of the Week, a Global Survey, a Top Ten or our new 10 Trusted Friends inquiry.

Question of the Week

This is be something you can recommend or we here will ask you questions like “what is the private room at a restaurant in central London for a closing dinner to what is a good bar in midtown New York to meet a client after work And if you want to discuss investing or politics or even express some on the road frustration and alienation, or get some recommendations for a summer dude ranch vacation for the family-blog away.

Top Ten list and Worldwide Favorites

Here we ask such questions as “give us your top 10 places to get a steak, top 10 resorts in the whole wide world” or you can add to someone else’s comments.

Global Survey

We’ve done a “what is your favorite business hotel, anywhere in the world?” and a “what are your favorite Al fresco dining restaurants, anywhere in the world?” global survey.

Ten Trusted Friends

This is becoming more and more important to the site and I think a uniquely evolving feature of the site. A real estate developer member sends me a note “Hey, my wife and I are going to Kauai, can you recommend some hotels and also some condos to rent?” or recently a large money manager asked “I want to go to Buenos Ares, can you recommend some gold standard top of the heap 5 star and some boutique funky hotels there?” We will identify 10-20 members who have been there and get their feedback. Nice, eh?

Rating The Contributors

I have been fortunate to travel the world with great people from many industries. And most of them all have one overriding thing in common-Wherever they land, they want to best, they don’t want their time, their taste buds, their wallets wasted. They often say something like “Oh, so you’re going to Rome-let me send you a list of places to go-Trust me-they’re the best”. So that’s what I am trying to do here-put all those great tips, from high end travelers in one place to other like minded and create a community to keep updating the recommendations.

One of the major reasons I started this blog is that all the other travel websites are filled with contributions by people I don’t know. So anyone looking for, say a Chinese restaurant in central London have to read through a stack of reviews to get the “intelligence of crowds” so to speak. All good except when the range of reviews go from “the best” to “the worst”. And we will review all the reviews and reviewers, expanding our information on contributors, reaching out to them directly and also putting a system in place to evaluate their contributions and consider revising their rating, either up or down. The basic ratings of contributors are:

Blue: Either desktop research from a publication or another website or blog or from someone who is contributing whom I have never met. Sometimes this is a friend of a friend who I and our board of advisors need to get to know better.

Silver: Someone has medium travel experience, who creates some good recommendations, perhaps even a city specific expert. In the early phases of Flying VIPS, all Silver rated contributors I will have eaten with, had a drink with, traveled with and have a feel for their recommendations.

Gold: Extensive world traveler, strong recommender, very unique expertise in individual markets. I will have spent, over the past 25 years, a fair amount of time with these contributors, maybe spent a week in China with, picking every meal together, discussing suggestions, hanging out at clubs together, getting some shirts made by a tailor and haggling over prices, etc.

Diamond Club: Members only, invite by invitation. This is a private conversation for travelers with whom I have been truly in the trenches with, the 3 star Michelin places and the Taipei snake Alleys, first class cabins, crazy Asian dinners, doers who always find the best and recommend the best. In the early days of this site, I will be sharing many of their contributions with all Flying VIPS with the aim to eventually making most Diamond Club contributions only accessible to Diamond Club members.

Many of the recommendations come to us via email or text when someone doesn’t have the ability, for whatever reason, to post a blog themselves. We then refine the post, add information to make it more valuable for our members and then post it under the appropriate rating.

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