First stop to Europe-DC For a Fast Fun Night

First Stop-Washington DC

On our “empty nester” kickoff trip, we started with a united flight to Washington DC.  A few points to share:

We took aBLScar in from Dulles. Construction, rain, and long..but the takeaway, our car topped $200, not worth it vs simply taking a cab.

source: Hotel Monaco website

Hotel-Ah! Hotel Monaco, first time I have taken Patty, my wife. She loved it and there is a another post on this great Kimpton Hotel . Of course arriving during Happy Hour helped-as we were checking in, they handed us a decent wine and a weiss beer-Nice! Great room, it’s the old Post office, great design, a very good bed, big screen tv and well layed out-vs other boutique hotels where they cram everything in.

source: Hotel Monaco

Dinner-so it’s raining out-we want to go close to the hotel which is near a lot of places but I angle Patty to Jaleo, my J Andaz Spanish favorite.

Jaleo DC

Great bar scene, great pan de tomate, squid ink paella mini bites, jamon. We walked in-jammed, 45 minute wait, bar hopping with pages and Ivy League semester in DCers… we start talking to the hostess, please, baby, pleasewe got a date to check out the new Fillmore Club in Silver Spring and see Mary J Blige…so they give us the manager table for two behind the hostess stand and we were livin la Vida Loca…or something like that.

Jamon and Pan de Tomate-Heaven!

Finally, the Fillmore. Full disclosure my company Live Nation owns it but a great sounding room, a bit of a bear to get to by cab –take the train-it’s fine. The VIP bar area is very Fillmore retro and a good addition to the music scene in DC.

Mary J Blige testifies!

And by the way, we went coach with the extra legroom to London and it was pretty good. Bought a coach ticket and upgraded for I think about $50 each and extra 5 inches was nice and alot cheaper than business class for an east caost to UK hop.

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