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credit: William H. Dempsey III

I was in DC last week for some meetings, Microsoft had taken out most hotel rooms for a 14 day convention and I ended up on Connecticut Avenue at the Churchill Hotel. Got to the hotel after fighting bad traffic in due to construction, had the usual delayed conference call and went for some air and a stroll. Now normally I would head for really crowded local place or go to my group for some suggestions, but decided this time to walk out on my own and see what “felt right”. I had read a review of a book called “The Disappearing Spoon”  about the creation of the table of the elements and , as luck would have it, foundit at Kramerbooks.

You forget on your travels that these little accidents and finds are sometimes as satisfying as well planned itinerary spots. Kramer’s  is a now a must for me when I visit DC. What a great old time bookstore, great help, amazing selection of books and a great group of wandering egg heads, everyday people, students and what looked like Hill-type workers. It’s set up organically, perfect for wandering to its various rooms (vs the sterile chains what have too many marketing and design consultants), people would talk books while bumping into each other as we looked for  our books. All low key, fun and satisfying in terms of results.

credit: William H. Dempsey III

credit: William H. Dempsey III

So skip the cigar bar, skip the disco, skip the movie sometime and plan a post business dinner bookstore visit. And Kramer’s also has food, live music, a great bar so you could even do the whole evening there…That’s why the “full name” is Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe and Grill

1517 Connecticut Avenue, Washington D.C. 20036,  Across from Dupont Circle metro, Q Street Exit

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Also the area is nice for some evening walking.

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