Oceanaire Seafood-I thought it was a local place-It’s a chain! Wow!

I love good seafood and finding it is not as easy as you might think. The elegant places tend to have not great seafood and the joints can be a mixed bag. I hope that this blog will uncover great seafood, be it east coast, west coast, international, you name it.

That said, I fell into Oceaniare in DC after a long day of negotiating and loved its dark food, old male waiters who knew what was good, what was fresh (everything but you know some days certain seafood is better than other days) and the great shellfish down to swordfish, sole and scampi. Getting the shellfish and the fish with fins right at a restaurant is not always so easy. Here it works and well, I stuffed myself with great pleasure; East coast jumbo shrimp cocktail, grilled swordfish, a perfect night. And then I learned-it’s a chain. Wow, upscale seafood chain-very nice…Below find their DC address and phone as well as a daily dinner menu. Their website, theoceanaire.com is really well laid out also so every detail.

Oceanaire Seafood
1201 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

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One Response to “Oceanaire Seafood-I thought it was a local place-It’s a chain! Wow!”

  1. khiner Kirsten says:

    Completely agree about Oceanaire Seafood! I actually have been to their restaurant in Orlando, Miami and San Diego. Guess you can say I am a fan.

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