Suggestions from a Senior Banking Executive who lives in Tokyo

Toru is a senior banking executive who lives in Japan. He and I knew each other in London and he is clearly the best example I know of “east meets west.” Major local hotels like the Imperial Hotel Tokyo or Hotel Okura offer reasonable prices these days, but if you are looking for the new [...]

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The McDonald Family Discovers Skiing in Japan

Blue Contributor/From the wife of a golfing buddy who has an adventurous family! Skiing in Japan: We flew direct from LAX to Narita airport on American. Narita is one hour outside of Tokyo so we took an airport shuttle to the domestic airport, Haneda. It was super easy. We spent the night right in the [...]

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Global BBQ and Grill Survey-Roppongi, Japan an A+ Grill

Inakaya, aka “THE PADDLE RESTAURANT” is one of my favorite restaurants-EVER. Great grill, seafood, meats, you name it, a scene, lots of beer and, most important pure theatre…You have these stud chefs, sitting behind the counter basically surrounded by grills..heat rising, coals and people are watching this like you watch somebody on a tight rope-more [...]

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