A LA based foodie from Houston give some tips.

My friend Traci is now based in LA but loves food and is always recommending the newest places to me and she is generally right on the mark. So when I was off to Houston she made the following suggestions: Steak:  Vic and Anthony’s-Great Steakhouse, great martinis. Their cuts of meat are excellent and if [...]

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Global BBQ and Grill Survey: Blacks BBQ-Texas

When 5 Texans,  from different walks of life and from different cities and backgrounds, all tell you that their favorite BBQ place in Texas is BLACKS BBQ-well you listen. And then you look at the below picture…and you salivate….. And because you can’t be part, at least not for awhile, there digging in, you buy [...]

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The Salt Lick-Great BBQ in the City and the Airport

When you live in airports like we all do, finding great airport food is simply a great find. The Salt Lick at the Austin airport is a great find. It’s not pre-heated, unflavored airport gruel, but real Texas bbq. I had a deliciously tender brisket sandwich with some decent slaw, pickle and a Pepsi for [...]

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