A LA based foodie from Houston give some tips.

My friend Traci is now based in LA but loves food and is always recommending the newest places to me and she is generally right on the mark. So when I was off to Houston she made the following suggestions:

source: Vic and Anthony's website

Steak:  Vic and Anthony’s-Great Steakhouse, great martinis. Their cuts of meat are excellent and if you like Veal, their veal chop is to die.

Bar Annie-Modern and Minimal

Seafood or American: RDG/Bar Annie-has a great bar, minimalistic and classy décor-for food I’ve always had a great meal-there is a reinvented Hamachi nacho, so good!

Brennan's John Staub Room

Brennan's Courtyard

Brennan’s:  Houston classic-Its been there for years and serves the best “Fine-dining” Cajun/Creole food-They lost their original chef b/c he went out on his own, but I hear their food is still excellent.

Haven: Chef Randy Evans is the original chef from Brennan’s and has started his own restaurant. He likes to use local ingredients in all of his dishes and therefore his menu is constantly changing. The space is nicely decorated, the cocktails are great, and the food is very good. Also an Esquire Magazine 2010 Best New Restaurant Pick.

Source: Website: Tony Vallone's Dining Room

Tony’s: Another Houston classic:  Tony Vallone has several restaurants around Houston but Tony’s is his signature. The décor is very nice and the food is fine-dining.

BBQ: Goode Company: More of a chain but still good.

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