4 Seasons at it Again-Top Concierege

The Austin 4 Seasons is great-but which 4 Seasons isn’t? But I wanted to say that their concierege, Tommy Dean, is one of those people who contribute to great trips. I was a bit dazed when I went downstairs to make a meeting, didn’t quite have enough coffee in me and when I saw someone walk by with an Italian blend I asked tommy how to get some. “It’s closing in a minute” he said, jumped from his stand and stopped all the commotion at the check-in to stop the coffee breakdown so I could get a good jolt for the day. I’m sure that this is the tip of the iceberg for the level of service and advice that Tommy supplies to people staying at his hotel. Thanks Tommy!!

Tommy Dean, Concierege

4 Seasons, Austin

98 Jacinto Blvd

Austin, Tx 78701-4039

(512) 685-8130

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