Austin-the best city for blues, R&B, Rock and alternative music

It’s been a few years since I was in Austin and this city still rocks, what with one of a kind shops, great vibe, great restaurants, a big, serious university-so lots and egg heads and VCs cruising around and MUSIC. Now I have not been to South by Southwest and would love someone to give [...]

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4 Seasons at it Again-Top Concierege

The Austin 4 Seasons is great-but which 4 Seasons isn’t? But I wanted to say that their concierege, Tommy Dean, is one of those people who contribute to great trips. I was a bit dazed when I went downstairs to make a meeting, didn’t quite have enough coffee in me and when I saw someone [...]

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Maine Lobster Roll goes Inland-And Perla’s hits a home run!

I grew up at the ocean, I had friends who were clammers, ¬†we fished, the east coast shellfish was awesome…so when I hear let’s have seafood at a place in Texas, inland no less I am suspicious-But how Wrong was I!!! Perla’s of Austin has a great layout (I hate formal seafood places-not that anything [...]

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The Salt Lick-Great BBQ in the City and the Airport

When you live in airports like we all do, finding great airport food is simply a great find. The Salt Lick at the Austin airport is a great find. It’s not pre-heated, unflavored airport gruel, but real Texas bbq. I had a deliciously tender brisket sandwich with some decent slaw, pickle and a Pepsi for [...]

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