Hugo’s Mexican Food of Houston-Es La Mejor!

source: Hugo's Sunday Brunch on their website

As a Californian, I always think that we have the best Mexican food in the union. But then I go to Texas and say “we are not worthy”. I was in Houston last week for a meeting and some of my work buddies there suggested a dinner at “Chuys” not the bad chain but the real deal authentic  Tx-Mex, with the Elvis booth and the New Mexican spice influence. I am down dude but yikes, one hour wait and we can’t wait. So we went to plan Hugo’s and I was not disappointed!  Ina  beautiful old building with tin ceiling, great structure and “bones” this place serves great food. Sopas were killer, Carnitas smoky, tender, spicy (I am starting to drool as I write it) and then some Cazuela de Puerco en Mole Verde. And while we are all used to the chocolate/coffee mole, good mole verde is a true delicacy that is just not readily available in LA (pls someone-correct me!?!?!)

So next time you’re in Houston, get Hugo’s…but stop by Chuys on the way to see if the line is down!


1600 Westheimer

Houston, Texas 77006

(713) 524 7744

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