Carnivores at the Botanic Gardens

Nothing works up an appetite like a walk in the park, or gardens, or more specifically the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Botanic Gardens is one of the must-visit places in Singapore. The Gardens contains some of the loveliest orchids -1000 species and 2,000 hybrids. The orchid breeding programme began in 1928, and about 600 species are on display in the Cool House together with carnivorous plants.

But most of the real two-legged carnivores can be found at more than half a dozen eating places around the Gardens; from fine french dining cuisine at Au Jardin Restaurant to the Black Angus Steakhouse. But it is the Casa Verde that is usually packed with locals, dog-walkers and tourists.

The lush green setting of the garden serves as a wonderful and calm backdrop in the middle of busy Orchard road for a delicious meal that can range from its famous wood-fired pizzas, singapore local dishes and mouth-watering tiramisu. The Beef Hor Fun is a thick flat rice noodle covered in a thickened dark soya beef sauce mixed with tender slices of beef. The dish is typically eaten with slices of green chilli soaked in a light soya sauce on the side. This noodle is special because of its distinctive fragrance and taste, as the noodles are stir-fried first, giving it a smoky flavour quite unlike any other noodle. I could go on and on about noodles, but that is another blog…

Naturally, the Botanic hamburger had to be tested. This is no garden burger. First clue is the juicy, crispy bacon snuggled between the buns, in addition to the middle portion of the juicy meat that would tempt any budding vegetarian florist. And there is something very satisfying about enjoying a good burger in a beautiful green garden.

The food at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is above average and the ambience is excellent.

Enjoying a meal in the lush gardens

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