Asia Burger Crawl

Who would believe Gourmet Burgers exist in Asia? The worldwide FlyingVips’ Burgercrawl will take you to the tiny island of Singapore, where food is adored, and the Burger finds special homage in a Burger restaurant at Relish by Wild Rocket @ Cluny Court. Situated in Bukit Timah Road, the stark white walls and simple decor of the restaurant allow you to focus primarily on what is on everybody’s mind (or stomach) – and that is ahhh good Burger.
The Wild Rocket burger comes at approximately SGD17-SGD19, and although it is a no-frills burger, the beef patty is chewy, sizzling and tender at the same time. My well done burger ooooozed the fine juices of cow, and swelled inbetween two plump toasted buns. It is served with sundried tomato relish and argula. So take your time with this classic burger. Make sure you bring like-minded burger companions who can appreciate a lazy weekend afternoon of burger and beers. Your friends of variety can seek out other fancier burgers on the menu, such as the Blue Cheese beef Burger, which has its signature sharp and salty flavour. Or Wild Rocket’s own creation – the Char Siew Burger. Char Siew is mostly found in Southeast Asia, a popular form of barbecued pork meat that has a reddish appearance and a memorable sweet flavour; mostly due to the seasoning of honey, asian spices and soy sauce. This ingenious mix of Char Siew, makes this burger the Fusion Burger of East and West.
Now about the Burger’s chum – the Fries. The fat fry syndrome runs its course at Relish. If you are a veggiesaurus, a plate of those fries will keep you well-satisfied. Crispy on the outside and full of po-ta-toey flavour on the inside. When you break a fry open, the steam from this obliging tuber should escape to carbohydrate heaven. ‘Cause the only let down of this Gourmet Burger joint is their Grilled Tofu Burger. As a previous vegetarian of many years, before I crossed over to the dark and enjoyable side of meat-eating, I cannot say much about their bland Tofu burger. Still, Burgers are for the gastronomic haven of meat eaters, so veggie imitations pale considerably in comparison.
The service can be a bit faster, but the alcohol helps. And Relish has quite a list of ales and imported beer from Belgium to Japanese – an unbeatable combination for Burgercrawl lovers!
Relish Burger Pte. Ltd.
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
6763 1547

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