Disappointments-Confession Time Baby

2013 had some real down moments for me and I share these with my loving co-members of Flying Vips:

Immigration Reform!!! And I used to think Kathleen Sibelius was hot and smart!!!

Hertz decided, rather than improve service for gold class members to a have a mascot:

I can’t seem to get a sport coat from Gilt or Rue La La that fits me, and this $300 bargain (normally $2K) was one-I even went on a 3 day fast and almost went into kidney shock to make this work:

I didn’t join these nice Junior League ladies at Tao with my rubber ducky-even after being invited a number of times:

The Westin continues to fall in quality. What is this, their amnesia suite:

Got a $195 jaywalking ticket at 630 in Beverly Hills trying to get a Larry King rye bagel, really $195 on a deserted street?

I think I am going to ask my wife not to wear her red Chanel dress anymore-and I certainly won’t wear mine:

Nashville has been discovered before I bought a house there, articles galore, there goes the charm:

I have not had a sausage at Wurstkuse in months:

Brought a group to Honey Pig for some Korean BBQ and had a bad meal-SO SAD! I guess only Park’s now in K-town, LA:

I think someone gave me a roofie and now I pay a ransom to some Nigerian banker because of this indiscretion:

Now I get the whole issue of immigration reform, Look what these Chinese Scientists have done!!! And it could be a USA product if they were allowed to stay, made in the Great Lakes Region:







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