Windows Survey #2-I-Phone Addiction Worsens

Louis Vuitton Window in Vegas

Ok, so I am getting like everyone else-at least I am not instagramming with some fake 18th century veneer on my fotos. Hats from new Orleans:

But as I walk along city streets, looking for prime real estate, can you blame me for shooting a little of this

and a little of that Glug-GLub-even I could have designed this window:

And I love Alexis Bittar jewelry but really-green elk bum??? Does it make you want to buy a bauble for the Misses? Well it is Soho in NY…..

And a final window. that took me a long time to realize the reference…..Does Red Room Mrs. Torrence mean anything to you????

Here’s Johnny!!!!!! These are the lovely outfits those very dad twins wore in The Shining……Don’t think I’ll shop at this place although I give them an “a” for cleverness……


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