Window Shopping and I-Fotoing-Part I

Just like commercials, shop windows advertise  a product—They try to get u to step inside and then some well trained salesperson will try and take your credit card. But windows are some of the fun things to look at between meetings on the road, just to daydream, some very clever. For that matter, people can’t wait to go to NYC Xmas-time and see the windows at Saks. So here are a few I like  with a little bit of fake high art courtesy of the i-phone(share yours):

Santa Monica Kid's store

NYC Dress Twirl

New Orleans-Fat Cat Knapping-Hope the Litter is in the back

Canal Street New Orleans High Fashion

Some Nice Cocktail Glasses-New Orleans Warehouse Glass Shop

More Canal Street Female Fashion Windows

SSunset Strip-LA The Euro Trash area...That's why I decided to shoot "Euroestyle"

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