My Musical Romance

I came, I heard, I rocked out or I listened like a long-haired erudite or I tapped my foot….whatever. This is a sampling of the music I heard and also played!

Let’s start with Nashville..too difficult to describe this amazing music city….I am so sorry in some ways and this is hard for me to say, that I spent 20 good years of my youth in Europe and Asia when I coulda been on a bar stool on Broadway in Nashville in a honky-Tonk listening to amazing love music! So what follows, and with apologies to the likes of Taylor Swift, Erich Church, Gabe Dixon and others I heard but did not photograph, here is Nashville convention center grant opening, Sheryl Crow playing for a small group, Puckett’s restaurant in Leipers Fork and Roberts, home of the great burger, fried baloney sandwich, best looking bar staff around and great traditional country….

Street Party-Great Bands-Nashville!

Sheryl Crow at Nashville Convention Center Party

Puckett's at Leipers Fork

Roberts on Broadway

Ok, Next up, music in Los Angeles and New York, from scruffy club to Madison Square Garden-and there are so many events where that darn i-phone did a bad job…easy to blame something not in the room,eh? So nothing from Alabama Shakes, Adam Corolla, Moscow Ballet, Imagine Dragon, Atlas Genius, Country wrapper Colt Ford, the Flying Dutchman Opera and others but here we go::::::

Maroon 5 Madison Square Garden


Little Big Town


Swedish House Mafia and Hard Events

Los Lobos-Councert for 200 at Grammy Club

Portugal the Man


Sensation-Barclays Brooklyn


Professor Long Hair-for some reason I am obsessed with that term-anyway FLying Dutchman at LA Opera was a great performance, again this year I could not convince a soul from the Pacific Palisades to join me for the Ojai Modern Music Festival but I was lucky enough to hear a private concert by Dino, a music major at the Shepard School of Music at Rice University, of all percussion music by Stockhausen-pure bliss….so those moments keep us all going…

Riding Crops Can be Musical

EDM-So Much of it, Hard Events, DJs at the Palladium, Swedish House Farewell, ZEDD!!! Calvin Harris!! Cranking it…..but nothing compares even closely to ELECTRIC DAISY IN LAS VEGAS. This is the motherlode so to speak and this year was great to go for their conference and then go to some of the clubs (Marquee, Tao, etc) and hear Avici and Others. Marquee club with Avici was a great bottle service experience-primarily because when I had to go to the bathroom-some 500 pound bouncer assigned to give us privacy opened the sea of people for me to get to the men’s room pronto! See it all, including some “bath tube girls at I think it was Tao who basically got paid to make believe they were taking baths and dancing-what a gig…..



That is not a way to treat your child!


As shamelessly promised-Bath Tub girls


They opened the main stage area up to the rest of EDC


Who Says There Aren't Jobs Out There For College Grads!?!?!


They bagged the unicorn relaxation garden this year-BIG MISTAKE!!!!


EDC, Disney, Blue Man Group Confetti Users! Wish I was in that Biz...

Finally some shameless your truly, shtos of me playing wiht my buddy Chris Mulkey at Santa Monica College July 4th celebration (10,000) and then to 1,000 strong in the rain in Nashville. What a blast-did the warmup for Kebmo and Band called Perry. Thanks to Ray Schiel for some of these fotos.

With A Perplexed Eddie Bodin-you were Expecting BB King?

Chris Mulkey Shredding and Venting and Making a Fire!

The Scene at Nashville


Mike Vernon on Bass-resting his dogs...


Outside the Bus-It was wild!! I had 2 Kit Kat Bars and a Ginger Ale inside!!


Pixie Dust is Wearing Off-Back to My Day Job






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