Tokyo-Based Banker Gives Osaka Tips

Osaka is the best city for casual food. Everything is good value for money there, but you have to try Okonomiyaki. You may or may not like Okonomiyaki, but you should not miss it.

You may want to go and look at Osaka Castle, which is said to be a symbol of Osaka. If you have extra time in Osaka, you can take a short trip to Nara, the first permanent capital of Japan. It is a nice old city with a lot of temples and shrines.


There are a number of high quality hotels such as Ritz Carlton in Osaka. An interesting choice may be this one with natural hot springs, the Super Hotel City Osaka Natural Hot Springs. It is not a 5-star hotel, but if you are interested in trying “Onsen” in Japan, this is probably the best choice through Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.



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