Senior Tokyo-based Banker Gives Tips for Kyoto

Thoughtful suggestions from a senior banking executive who lives in Japan. Toru and I knew each other in London and he is clearly the best example I know of “east meets west.”

Unfortunately, the latest typhoon damaged the major tourist area where you can enjoy lunch along a beautiful river. There are an uncountable number of temples in Kyoto, and I would recommend Ginkakuji if you ask me to pick one. Nothing fancy, rather unobtrusive, but you can feel something special when you go there. Make sure you take some time to walk around the garden and sit down to breathe the air there thinking about the temple’s 500 year history. It is located pretty far from central Kyoto, so it is best to take a taxi there. Taxi drivers in Kyoto speak English and are generally well-trained to help tourists.



Hyatt Regency Kyoto has a pretty good location as there are a few interesting places around it. The Granvia Hotel is recommendable if you do not have much time for Kyoto, as it is built above Kyoto Station. Both of them have good Japanese restaurants too.


Some charming, smaller hotels in Kyoto are Mume and Kanra.

Kyoto is the most expensive city in Japan. Be prepared to allocate a good part of your travel budget here. Otherwise, you will miss the opportunity to enjoy the best quality of authentic Japanese food. A friend from Kyoto recommends Takeshigero.

Kikunoi serves Shigure Meshi Bento Box with Sashimi and offers good value for lunch in Kyoto.


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