A Pork Sandwich Brings Me Out of the Shadows

Heaven in a Hog Sandwich

I have always been a firm believer that I should not have my picture in my posts, ok for others but I really don’t like those pompous posts of self-congratulation–but this is pure animal love for dead animal food…The best. Johns Roast Pork

A Joint to beat no others–

Fruits of the Pig

and to think for years I was just going cheesesteak at Gino’s and bypassing the Pork Sandwich…what a fool am I…

This is the House that Porkie Built!!!!!!

Thanks Steve G for making this real estate trip well worth it!! And we started out the day with coffee and muffin at the redone lobby to the Center City Ritz Carlton. 10 Avenue of the Stars.

Really nice redo of space and when we asked if we could pay for our little bites (we were at one of the many two tops-also lots of couches)-Waitress said “Don’t worry about it”. Thank you RC.

How about one more shout-out for that Pork Sandwich!!!!!

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