San Sebastian-From a Sherry and Food Friend from Spain

This from an old Spanish friend in the sherry and food businesses-a true world traveler.

The area that is full of Pintxos bars is called La Parte Vieja (the Old Part). The most famous street is called 31 Agosto. They’re all excellent, but for avant gard Pintxos go to A Fuego Negro, and for something more classical, try Gandarias or La Cepa. The best thing to do is to walk around and hang out in several bars and try great pintxos and wines.


Arzak, Akelarre, Martin Berasategui are the bible of the Vasc cuisine. Reserve in advance. Maguritz is a great cook who does great dishes with a lot with herbs and flowers. A classic in La Parte Vieja is Juanito Kojua.

Getaria is a beautiful nearby village. Trying eating at Elkano, Kaia, Hondarribia or Zeria.

If you want to relax at a spa you can go to La Perla to enjoy great views to the Bay.


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