San Sebastian-From a Sherry and Food Friend from Spain

This from an old Spanish friend in the sherry and food businesses-a true world traveler. Pintxos The area that is full of Pintxos bars is called La Parte Vieja (the Old Part). The most famous street is called 31 Agosto. They’re all excellent, but for avant gard Pintxos go to A Fuego Negro, and for [...]

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San Sebastian recommendations from an avid Gold Class traveler

Hotel Maria Cristina. The best hotel—this world-class, Starwood 5 star hotel is located in the shopping area and not right on the beach, but is an easy walk to everything. Hotel Londres. Centrally located on the promenade overlooking the beach, this hotel is maybe a 3 or 4 star type hotel. The hotel and service is fine yet [...]

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Berlin—a creative revival with an electric pulse

Berlin is electric—its creative boom rivals the smoky jazz club and flirty-flapper cabaret heyday of the early 1920s Weimar Republic. Two decades after the fall of the Wall, Berlin’s young generation is transforming the past into something liberating. Everywhere, particularly in the fashionable Mitte district, former fortresses to fascism shelter art galleries, museums and bars. [...]

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