Lijiang Historic Village-China based Media Exec Recommends

Hi Chris..

Am in Lijiang scouting.  Wanted to pass along some info. It’s not a business destination but a really cool place to visit..It’s a World Cultural Heritage location in Yunnan province. Here are some pix.


The coolest hotel there is the Crowne Plaza, oddly enough.  I can send pix of that if you like. (SEE BELOW)

According to the Crown Plaza Website: Set amidst a sprawling 51,000 square meters of lush greenery, Crown Plaza Lijiang Ancient Town is strategically located in World Cultural Heritage listed Lijiang, Yunnan Province. Situated inside Ancient Town with direct vehicular access to and from the main street. 

It is a leisurely 5 minute walk to Sifangjie (Square Market), the hub of Ancient Town and a 30 minutes’ car ride to Lijiang Airport.


Other interesting things are the Old Town of Lijiang.

And definitely a horse ride near La Shi riding near La Shi Lake, with Jade Dragon Snowy Mountain in the background (it’s there just covered with clouds)..

Sunset on La Shi Lake

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    Lijiang Historic Village-China based Media Exec Recommends…

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