Turrell’s Roden’s Crater: Exotic Vacation and Trek Survey-If You Can Find IT!

source: pbs.org

It took my German conceptual artist friend to turn me on to Jonathan Turrell, an American artist working in light and natural materials to turn me on to Roden’s Crater.

source: pbs.org

Roden’s Crater is Turrell’s massive and yet not so well known project where he has bought an old volcanic crater from a private party in the middle of the Painted Desert in Arizona and is turning it into a Man made planetarium and Telescope.

source: New York Times

I have below noted a few websites for your reading of this massive project and Turrell and his work and philosophy:




source:New York Times

There are so many examples of exotic places to visit and how man has intereacted, embraced these places to build hotels, unique trails, access but Roden’s Crater is surely one of the most unique.

source: pbs.org

source: pbs.org

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