Global BBQ and Grill Survey-Kansas City Recommendation

source: Oklahoma Joe's BBQ website

This recommendation comes from John H who is a BBQ aficianado-

My pick for best BBQ is Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City, KS.  I lived in Kansas City for 9 years and sampled virtually every BBQ restaurant in town as well as other restaurants all over the country and Oklahoma Joe’s has the best combination of great smoked meets and fantastic sauce.

source: The "Z" sandwich-from Laurenv, Yelp website

In addition, my favorite sandwich is the Z-Man which has brisket, smoked provolone and onion rings.  I realize this may sound blasphemous to the BBQ connoisseur, but it is really fantastic.  The smoked chicken gumbo is also not to be missed.  If you happen to be in the area and are looking for great BBQ, don’t let the gas pumps and shabby exterior deter you.  You will not be disappointed.

source: from JustinP, Yelp website


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