Lexington BBQ #1 in Carolinas-Global BBQ and Grill Survey

source: John B photo-yelp review

Nothing fancy, just amazing Carolina bbq. Great pulled pork, slaw to die for and amazing peach cobbler. I visited Lexington, NC, just outside of Charlotte and was given specific instructions to only go to THE Lexington Barbeque restaurant. Easier said than done because every BBQ place mentions Lexington BBQ in its name-to get the unknowing tourists. I called my co-worker when I was in Lexington, told him what the inside of the joint looked like and he screamed  ” Get Out!, That’s not it!!” So I split and eventually found the real deal-alongside a highway looking as non-descript as can be.  Anyway, go, really the vinegar Carolina bbq sauce is different but just as good as Texas bbq sauce.

10 US Hwy 29-70 S
Lexington, NC 27294

(336) 249-9814

And Lexington is home to a great BBQ Festival every year….

source: Lexington BBQ Festival website

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