Philadelphia-DiNardo’s for Seafood

source:DiNardo's website

On a recent trip to Philly, I was “forced” to abandon my favorite habit there-going to Geno’s for a cheesesteak and visit DiNardo’s. What a treat-it’s total old school seafood, lots of beaufont hairdos and “hey Tony, give da man his bisque” and the food was all up very good, with some mixed results:

Crab Soup-a must very filling indeed, we picked-up a few Sauteed Blue Claw crabs and they were tasty with all that old bay seasoning but I must say it was alot of work for not a great payout..but I have been spoiled by some great soft shell crab “in-season” at Bob Chinn’s in Chicago. Believe it or not, I crossed the acquatic line and split a steak with my buddy and it was great. My buddy decided to not have the crab cake sandwich and was disappointed (as was I for my tasting) with the Sauteed Jumbo Lump Crab Cake–I don’t know whatever they did to it, it didn’t have that fresh crab taste, a bit mealy and weird tasting…but in the end…enough good eating to make up for the pitfalls that I feel obliged to disclose!

Nice old town setting, we were staying at Omni and walked and street have lots of hip, new, one off shops.


source: Dinardo's website

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