Cabo San Lucas-Lobster, Beer, Outside, Heaven

You cannot visit Cabo and without a visit to LA GOLONDRINA(aka The Trailer Park), this great outdoor restaurant. Go up to the order window, see a vast seafood menu, think of scallops, shrimp, even the chicken or

beef, but order LOBSTER, the bigger the better and lots of Marugeritas (or beer!)!!!. No wonder its on Paseo del Pescador. It’s near the Hotel Melia and the Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose & blanco.

Its almost a gold standard, a hip restauarant and a Joint all in one because its so much a part of the Cabo visit experience. Great for golfers after a round, couples, families.

Phone in Cabo 143-0542

Phone US (011-52-624-143-3705

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