The 2012 Burger Survey Part 1-Passion, Red Meat, 20% Fat, Satisfaction


Expectation-Butch at Pharmacy

This is how it all begins…you order, the salivary glands start working and then it comes and you look, confirm all the pickles, sauces, onions and cheeses are properly stacked (as if it mattered!) take a deep breadth and ATTACK. This is Part one of the 2012 Great Burger Survey, thank you all so much for all your input, crazy emotional musings about the “first time”, places you go miles out of the way for…a burger is a thing to be cherished, loved and consumed with great gusto…and there are also some very clever and amusing anecdotes so these will come in time, in time…..Let the survey begin!!


From a Diamond Member who is a world Fashion trendsetter

My absolute favourite hamburger is at P.J. Clarke’s @ 915 Third Avenue and 55th Street. I love the simplicity and quality  of what they serve. Just the best.

My second favourite hamburger is at Fat Burger in Los Angeles on Melrose.

From a Gold Member and heavy player in the European Media World

Burger and Lobster, Mayfair, London.  Shortest menu in town. V good.


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