Let’s start at the beginning, bad as it is…

Passport Control UK

OK, I know the economy is bad, but there is no reason to arrive at 930 pm and have 3 people taking care of about 250-1 hour at least. Think how many beer’s those thirsty tourists could have had to help the economy!

London, Our second home, our son Hank was born there, I have had businesses in the UK for years and good friends. So we turn our cheek the other way when the exchange rate and costs hit-so here goes:


 Park Lane  (rating? Ok in a pinch only-use with miles only)

Two nights here, using Starwood points. I actually prefer, but they sold to Thompson Hotel,  the Sheraton near Peter Jones in Mayfair but the Park Lane is ok.

Bed was a bit soft. The Lobby is odd, its right on Piccadilly across from Green Park and cabs drop you off in the back. Lobby is two pieces and a bit odd-the functional check in, concierege area and you walk through some doors and behold, an old school high tee room with couches, little tables and blue haired ladies. Location is good for Haymarket.

A lobby made for high tea!

oh yes, recommend you check out where room is. we were way in the back which was ok but we opened window to a very small courtyard-a bit claustrophic.

classic room-similar to ours

MyHotel (Chelsea) (Rating-YES!!)


source: My Hotel website

I have stayed at the other MyHotel in Bloomsbury and it is unfortunately, for a tourism visit a bit out of the way.  Their Chelsea location is fantastic. Just 2 blocks off a side street from the Bibendum Restaurant, near the old Criterion Restaurant location, it is near great brassieres, hip shops, take away sushi and near the Kensington Tube.


source: My Hotel website

Our room was great. It was a superior double, one up from the basic room and you can see it has a full walk in closet, a nice sitting area and a really big, good bed. The lobby people were exceptionally nice and there is a reading room and a breakfast/bar area that looks cool, although we did not use. I will stay here again and again…


source: Benares website

We basically spent out vacation in London having big meals and drinking a lot with friends and mostly Indian so a quick rundown:

Mayfair Tandoori: In Shepard’s Market, a small place, very good food.

source: Mayfair Tandoori

Benares: Berkeley Square, upstairs, at first seems stuffy but this has great, I mean great Indian food. I went with my friend Andrew Rice (he knows the chef and the owners) and I am sold.

Rasa Samdura: Great Indian, from the  Keralaregion so you have to buy into that, great chutney sampler, seafood, vegetarian dishes.

Tinello: Italian, very good food, great wine list, a real boozer night with some old buddies from the city who are now private equity dudes.

source: Tinello's website

Very pretty also. It’s long and narrow so there’s an upstairs and downstairs. We ate downstairs, a bit quieter, still a scene and we ate at the front so we had window upstairs to the street-which I liked.

Tinello's upstairs

And we had a nice walk with friends from north London in the Hampstead Heath. entered near the Royal Free and had a lovely walk in a rather quiet area with lots of trees and meadows. A great area for a run, a hike, some time away from the rat race.


Harrods-Food store: What can I say:

source: Yelp users website

We had some coffee, some amazing flavored marshmellows, bought some adorable sugar stirrers as a house gift.


source: Yelp user website

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