Top Hotels: Favorite Rooms and Floors-Why settle for any room?

The below room specific recommendations for 3 great UK hotels is from one of the most astute and pickiest travelers that I know:


source: Gleneagles website

I briefly looked at your latest posting. Sorry, again what stuck out for me was the Gleneagles is one word. I have been there three times and is one of my favorites. Room 210 is the only room to get. When you see a picture of the hotel you will notice one small balcony that is 210. Nice living room with fireplace and a bar with full crystal bottles of booze. The best smoked salmon in the world even better than Michel Blanchet on Western (LA). The Whiskey Suite is below, Can anyone verify if this is Room 210?

source: Gleneagles website


source: Claridges website

I think that ground floor is called 1st floor in the UK, but you want the second floor. My room at Claridges use to be 258. The problem is that it is over the ballroom and if you want quiet before 12 there is a problem. One time it was so bad beyond 12 that the then manager, Christopher Cowdry, now at the Dorchester gave use 4 nights free on our next visit. The last time we stayed there we were at the Berkley because Claridges was too expensive. The manager there, Klaus Kablitz was very nice and you want room 701 or 708 although not as nice. It is very low key hotel. Below find a photo of the Piano Suite-Probably part of the “Cool England” campaign:

source: The Piano Suite-not one of the rooms noted but still pretty cool!


source: Lanesborough website-not sure if this is a second floor room

The Lanesborough is probably the best hotel in London. I stayed there 3 times and had different room each time….all different although again you want the second floor higher ceilings (formerly a hospital). I use to deal with  John Frazer now gone I believe, although the head guy who I think is still there is Peter Regardi who I think came with Rosewood when they first opened up…..

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