A Golfers and Hikers Dream One Hour from Dublin

Fred is world traveler for golf, to experience life to help people in Africa and other places, to share the world with his grandchildren…A great guy….and a great contributor....

The Ritz-Carlton

Powerscourt, County Wicklow

Ireland (1 hours +- South of Dublin)

The Ritz-Carlton on the Powerscourt Estate has access to two golf courses within

a block.  Our favorite was the East course; both were an enjoyable walk.   A resort

course format (rather than links)

The views from the “backyard” of the Ritz feature Ireland in its most spectacular,

green hillside farming.

The back of the Ritz is dramatic and appropriate to the site.

The yard area (above) features a fountain and professional croquet area.

Within 30 minutes, we were at the “top” of the local hills in endless fields of

heather and seemingly permanent winds. We would strongly recommend the Ritz in terms of terrifc suite rooms:

two enjoyable golf courses, a fantastic staff, as good a concierge service as we have ever used, and a great General Manager — Max Zanardi, who responded to a mini crisiswith an all out press—and the local town is sweet also.

Fred didn’t mention the facilities fro kids but when I went to the site, I was totally jazzed by the kids area:

The Ritz Carlton, Powerscourt, Ireland-1 hour from Dublin. Put it on your list!!!!

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