Brae, Ireland–Good Food (Italian!?!), Nice Photos

Brae, Ireland

While searching for a place to lunch, we asked a local who promptly directed us to ” … one of the best Italian restaurants anywhere.”  Makes sense … 100 yards off the beach in Eastern Ireland?

Surprise surprise, it was wonderful.  Camp de fiori, Ristorante Vineria was wonderful.  Staff … Italian, friendly, happy, helpful in every way.  Pizza the thinest crust of any in the world with toppings to match. Deserts decorated a plate such that even touching would seem to ruin the food art.  The Chef joined us for a testimonial picture  (there is a live television picture in the front window showing the chef and kitchen staff at work).

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Freddo218 and Linda enjoying

Pizza del Contadino, mixed vegetables.  The thinest crust ever … and not burnt.  How do they do it?

Perhaps the heaviest, sturdiest dining chair encountered in 40 years of traavel.

Tortina di Pere e Crema

Wow wow wow

Even the ‘pizza to go’ was special!

Watch the Chef at work on the streetside television.

The Executive Chef and our two wonderful hosts.

Coastline off to the left, rather ordinary on the outside, rather extraordinary on the plate.

After we left, a brief walk down the beach yielded a very special moment.  The little one was sitting on the sand playing when his older brother came to “rescue” him for a walk on the beach.  A bit of the beach remains on the little one’s bum.

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