Hong Kong Food and Sleep from Mike McDermott-Asia Expert

When it comes to roaming, consuming, loving and recommending in Asia, it’s tough to beat Mike McDermott, filmmaker, great guy, on the move. He was just in Hong Kong and took some time out to recommend the following. Oh yes, there is a rare picture of Mike relaxing at the bottom of this post. Dim [...]

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Hong Kong to Macao the quick way

My buddy Bob, an LA based investor who is doing alot of work in China just recommended an alternative to the cattlecar ferry to Macao from Hong Kong-Helicopter. The Skyshuttle company is who he used and they fly Agusta Westland 139s and if you want to save time to get to the tables early or [...]

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Lucky and Wild “Hong King Rugby 7s” THE Event to attend!

150 Dutch Milk Maids, 300 Elvis, 100 Morgan Stanley Bankers dressed in diapers…this is a wild time-that each of you needs to attend-at least once! 100K party animals, dancing, singing, dressed up and watching world rugby…..my type of event. Thanks Bob, a silver member and monthly visitor to Asia for business. And Sweet Child of [...]

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Watching The World Go By-On The Star Ferry

Hong Kong is all hustle and bustle, get it done, get it done, get it done now. It is the 24/7 city of Asia. So when you are there on a business trip, going from meeting to meeting, sometimes from Kowloon to Hong Kong back to Kowloon or whatever, there is a way to stop [...]

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