A Dream Vacation in Morocco

-Cam, a diamond traveler and retired corporate executive writing and traveling and enjoying life recommends: Royal Mansour was, without a doubt, the most extraordinary hotel Peter and I have ever stayed in! The King of Morocco personally decided that this hotel would be the best in his country—we attest to the fact that His Royal Highness [...]

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Resplendant Luxury in the United Arab Emirates

Regular to the Middle East Silver Contributor Suggests: Ritz Bahrain http://www.ritzcarlton.com/en/Properties/Bahrain/Default.htm Source: www.ritzcarlton.com Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai http://www.jumeirah.com/hotels-and-resorts/destinations/dubai/jumeirah-emirates-towers/ Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi http://www.emiratespalace.com/en/home/index.htm Burj Al-Arab http://www.jumeirah.com/hotels-and-resorts/destinations/dubai/burj-al-arab/ Jumeirah Beach http://www.jumeirah.com/hotels-and-resorts/destinations/dubai/jumeirah-beach-hotel/

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A Regular MENA and UAE Visitor shares some tips

He doesn’t want his name plastered all over this post but he sure has been helpful with UAE and MENA travel suggestions (and some general thoughts below): AIRLINES Virgin Airlines:  great beds but  a bit uncomfortable for  sitting. The food is good but why do they allow crying babies into first class-why? Emirates Air to [...]

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Exotic Trip Survery: A romp in the Emirates Desert grab ya?

From a well-placed ex-pat in Abu Dhabi, he below responds to our question of exotic vacations: Yes indeed, the best supplier in Dubai is /www.desertsafaridubai.com which we use all the time. In Abu Dhabi its Visitabudhabi with Arabian Adventures being the tried and tested one.

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Great Food-Dubai-Mall of Emirates

There are very few places in the world where u could ever imagine getting great food in a mall. San Paolo certainly but that’s because the malls are the safest place to be, Hong Kong because of density and the large office complexes housed atop retail environments and Dubai. Dubai doesn’t just have any old [...]

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