Tel Aviv—A Sunny Haven Where East Meets West

This article was excerpted from The Wall Street Journal’s Insider’s Guide to Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the ultimate East-meets-West city, accented by ample doses of American pop culture and the one million recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union to Israel. Blessed with nine blue-sky months and nearly nine miles of aquamarine coastline, Tel Aviv [...]

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Jerusalem, Petrah and the Desert

From a LA based real estate developer and a great foodie and world traveler: The tour guides came from a tour company called Kenes, the guy there is Russell Lord (  he got us all the guides etc. See below Natalie Syvan +972-523-6363-78 +972-77-481-00-75 Nadav Kersh +972 544 678 094   Russell [...]

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A Dream Vacation in Morocco

-Cam, a diamond traveler and retired corporate executive writing and traveling and enjoying life recommends: Royal Mansour was, without a doubt, the most extraordinary hotel Peter and I have ever stayed in! The King of Morocco personally decided that this hotel would be the best in his country—we attest to the fact that His Royal Highness [...]

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