Máy làmmaát giá rẻ Hanami – Hải Nam

Máy làm mát giá rẻ Hanami – Hải Nam tiết kiệm điện, làm mát với không gian mở. Máy làm mát Hải Nam – Hanami tiết kiệm chi phí sử dụng cho phòng net, gam, gia đình. Máy làm mát giá rẻ Hanami – Hải Nam tiết kiệm điện, làm mát với không gian mở. [...]

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A nice Norwegian hotel in Tromsø with a great restaurant

From a friend who starts every conversation: “Chris, we live in a dangerous world.” Sierra and I stayed at the Rica Ishavshotel in Tromsø, Norway (Rica is a big Scandinavian hotel chain). Attached are several pictures of the hotel—although it’s down on the waterfront, it’s a great place to see the local action in the [...]

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Stockholm—Blinding beauty, haute cuisine and electric energy

From November through early March, temperatures drop and daylight may last only six hours in Stockholm. When the ice thaws in April, the city’s beauty shines through and the days stretch towards their 16 hour peak. Bound by Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is a city of islands and crystalline waters that becomes [...]

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Polar Bear Watch The North Pole Way

Land of the Ice Bears:  An In-Depth Exploration of Arctic Svalbard Aboard the National Geographic Explorer Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic www.expeditions.com (Recommendation from my sister who is actually checking off a list of great trips, one by one, bear by bear!) For this 11-day expedition in late July 2010, we met in Oslo and [...]

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Visby-Medieval Village in Sweden

The below post comes from Julia, my Hamburg painter and conceptual artist  friendwho likes to take bike trips through the countryside of Europe, this time on a Swedish Island: “We were in Gotland. Have you been to Visby, yet? Quite a beautiful litte medieval town. We fell into their yearly medieval festival. Thousands of disguised [...]

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Louisiana Museum-Great Day Trip from Copenhagen

Louisiana is a great museum, overlooking the sea, designed with lots of Danish and Frank Lloyd Wright influence-built into a hillside and barely visible until you are up close…a simple and pleasant train ride from Copenhagen. Louisiana‘s collection takes its point of departure in the period after 1945. With names like Picasso, Giacometti, Dubuffet, Yves [...]

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