Sushi in Chicago

Picking your favorite sushi restaurant is hard because there are so many places to choose from and a lot are very good.  It really depends on what neighborhood you are in, what kind of  “scene” you are looking for and how much you want to spend.  But if you were visiting Chicago for a short time, here would be my top two choices while you are there.

Nothing compares, in my opinion, to the new sushi restaurant that opened up in 2009 called Sunda, located in River North. This “new Asian” restaurant hit it with all cylinders so be prepared to make a reservation way in advance or you could be waiting hours for a table.  The décor is very chic, the people are beautiful but the food is what makes this place stand out above the rest in Chicago.   Some of my favorites are the garlic noodles, crispy rice with tuna or kobe beef tartar, rock shrimp tempura, black cod with a miso sauce and their sushi rolls.

If you are looking for a traditional sushi place you won’t find it here. This is contemporary sushi and reminds me of Nobu or Katsuya (in Los Angeles) but without the steep prices.

My other favorite sushi restaurant, which is more traditional, is Sushi Wabi, located in West Loop. This place reminds me of a trendy NYC restaurant you would find in Soho.  The prices are comparable to Sunda but well worth it.  Sushi Wabi is very small so you definitely want to make a reservation well in advance.  Some people complain because it is too dark and the tables are very close together so if you don’t like hearing what your neighbor is saying, don’t go.  The food is top notch and there are so many maki rolls to choose from but my favorites are the Godzilla and Fire rolls.

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  1. jodiwolf jodiwolf says:

    Sushi Wabi is my favorite. Sunda is a close second. I completely second the above comments.

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