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When you think of getting a good steak in Chicago you often hear people saying Chicago Chop House or Gene & Georgetti, the institution.  You may also hear Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris or Sullivan’s.  All of these restaurants are good and deliver a great steak but there are two that I feel stand out even more.

Gibsons Steakhouse located in the Gold Coast area. This place is a fixture to the Chicago scene of all ages and there is rarely a time it is not busy so you definitely need to make a reservation and well in advance (especially Thurs. – Sat.).  Also, even if you have a reservation, be prepared to still wait 30 – 45 minutes.  I suggest you make the reservation a little earlier than you want so you can have a drink, or two, at the bar while you wait.  The bar area is a decent size but fills up quickly.  They have a pianist too, which is a nice touch.  The food portions are huge so when ordering a size dish you will be able to share it.  Obviously they are known for their aged steaks and they are outstanding but they have a great fish selection too.  If you have room try one of their slices of cake.  It is the size of your head (not kidding) so be ready to take on the challenge.

The Gold Coast area is filled with other restaurants and bars so when you are done, walk across the street to The Tavern or Whiskey Bar and have some after dinner drinks.

Another great steakhouse is N9NE in West Loop.  This restaurant originated in Chicago but has opened locations in Vegas and Dallas.  The restaurant is very popular so another place you need to make a reservation. The staff is attentive, great wine list and they have a wide variety of food selections.  Starting with the fish, you can’t go wrong starting with a shellfish platter, ahi tuna tartar or having the rock shrimp.  Their Black Cod Miso entrée or Sea Scallops are mouthwatering.  Of course they are known for their steaks so you have a good variety to choose from or make it a surf and turf night.  Their side dishes are like the traditional steakhouse, so meant to share, and they have excellent desserts.

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  1. jodiwolf jodiwolf says:

    All of the above are great choices. Another Chicago classic steakhouse is Gene & Georgetti’s. They have amazing lamb chops, steaks, pastas and the best garbage salad.

  2. Chris Adelman admin says:

    thanks Jodi and welcome aboard!

  3. Chris Adelman admin says:

    Jodi-what is a garbage salad??????

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