Real Food……in an Airport! Dining at Berghoff at O’Hare

How many times have you had a morning flight and, being that the night before is the last night of your trip before going home, you ‘stretch it out’ a bit with some bubby, suds and neat drinks? And you have some soggy egss at the hotel with a splitting headache, or worse, you go and get some god awful $7 min-pizza and a coke at the airport….Are you sitting down? Next time you’re at O Hare for a flight change (invariably late), go to United airlines terminal, gate C25 and opposite it it is the small version of the famous “Berghoffs” of Chicago. And the food is terrific-especially the carvery. I had a fresh turkey breast sandwich, with a pickle that was good and man it was a real meal. Check out the Airport Food question at Road Warrior Roundtable-”Top Five”

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