Greece and one of its islands (Paros)

These days when one hears “Greece”, one thinks of the huge debt the country has, and whether or not it’s going to fall out of the Euro. My fiance and I chose Paros as a holiday place to spend 10 days in August. What we have found about the people is that far from being [...]

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Beijing Travel, Hotel and Tour Guide Tips from a Regular Visitor

I am so jealous of Bob’s 6x a year visits to China to watch over his investments. He always give great tips and the below is no different. We were in the locker room at our golf club when he raved about the new Air China 777′s from the US, great flat beds with intuitive [...]

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Opposite Hotel, Avoid Airport Hassle and a Great Tour Guide

This comes from Adam, my golf buddy who does alot of manufacturing in China Beijing We stayed at The Opposite House ( ).  The hotel is quite contemporary – no reception desk; all the reception folks walk around with iPads and the manager greeted me personally when we came in.  The rooms were good and we [...]

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