Cordless Rechargeable Mowers Now Available

Announcing the arrival of cordless rechargeable mowers. There are only a limited number of sources with the full line of Black & Decker electric mowers and Worx electric lawnmowers. For the past 3 spring/summer seasons there has been a growing number of consumers deciding on the gas free solution for keeping the lawn trimmed.

best zero turn mower“Rechargeable electric lawnmowers have proven to be an excellent choice for some consumers” stated William Bird. “We have gotten very positive feedback, especially on the west coast. California has strict rules on emissions and the electric lawn mower has proven to be a reliable and effective solution.” The electric models come in both corded and cordless depending on the customers’ needs. Bird also stated “the electric models are quieter and can be more reliable. You don’t have to worry about gas, air filters or oil levels. Plug it in or charge it up and go.” The rechargeable lawnmowers hold a charge long enough to cut a small lawn and are light enough to swiftly cut inclines and around shrubbery.

Tim Lewis has a different reason why he has chosen the electric grass mower, “My 13 yr old son can no longer come to me and tell me the lawn mower won’t start and then proceed to head off with his buddies. Now the lawnmower starts every time and the grass stays cut!”

There is a limited supply of the corded and cordless lawnmowers available throughout the 2009 Spring and Summer season. You will also need to pick up all the accessories needed including extension cords and lawn mower covers to protect the mower when it is not in use.

Black & Decker Cordless mower options are:
- Black & Decker MM875 Electric Mower 19″ Lawnhog Mulching Mower with Rear-Bag
- Black & Decker CMM1200 24V 19″ Cordless Mulching Mower
- Black & Decker LM175 18 inch 6.5 amp Electric Mower
- Black & Decker MM575 18″ Electric Mulching Mower
- Black & Decker MM675 18″ Electric Lawnhog Mulching Mower with Flip-Over Handle

Worx Cordless grass lawn mower options are:
- Worx WG780 24V 19″ Cordless Lawnmower
- Worx WG712 16 in. 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

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