Choosing A Lawn Mower – Things To Consider

So your old lawn mower just doesn’t cut it anymore (pun intended) and you’ve decided it’s time for a new one. But how do you go about choosing a lawn mower? Start by knowing exactly what you need.

There are a lot of choices you’ll have to make, but start by looking at these three important factors. How big is your yard and what is the terrain like? What features do you want and do you really need them? What type of engine will your yard require?

The size of your yard will tell you if you need a riding mower, or if a walk behind will do. If your yard is less than 3/4 of an acre, a walk behind is probably OK. Walk behind mowers are the most popular. Now let’s look at features. If your yard is small and doesn’t have a lot of hills, you probably won’t need too many extra features. One you should seriously consider is a self propelled mower, especially if your yard is over 1/2 acre. These make mowing easy because the push forward on their own. Your job becomes walking behind the mower and guiding it in the right direction.

Next you should consider the size of the mower deck and the power of the engine. A wide mower deck means you’ll cut more grass with every pass, and that means fewer trips across and back. If you add on an engine with a little extra torque, then the job is fast and simple. Here’s the key. Match the mower with the yard. If you don’t need a wider deck and more power, don’t pay for it. It would simply be wasting money.

The size of the rear wheels is also an important option. Standard wheels are more than adequate in most cases. However if your yard is rough with lots of slopes and hills, consider large rear wheels to make mowing easier.

Now if your yard is over 0.75 acres, then a riding mower might be a better choice for you. Again, use the same rules to determine what size deck and how powerful an engine you need. If you’re mowing several acres, get a larger engine and a wider deck. But again, don’t waste your cash by over doing it.

A great feature to have is a mower with a zero turn radius. These are great if your landscape includes lots of trees and shrubs. You can use a zero turn radium to cut a complete circle without leaving any space in the middle. This make going around trees much easier. But if you don’t have a lot of landscape features, this option is not necessary.

The final big decision you need to make, and this applies to both riding and walk behind mowers, is if you want the mower to mulch. These mowers have special blades that will chop your grass clipping into small particles before returning them to the soil. The clipping decompose and act as a natural fertilizer. If you don’t get a mulching mower, then you’ll need to catch the clipping in a bag to throw them out. Or even worse, rake them up, bag them, then dispose of them.

Naturally there are plenty of other choices to make. Do you want an electric mower, one with a cord or without? Do you want one of the new solar powered or robotic mowers? Start by answering the basic questions first, then when you head to the dealer or look online, choosing a lawn mower will be a much easier task.

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