Ex-Pat gives basic must sightseeing and a good bar

Hi Chris, Gina and I recommend the following sightseeing to people going to Beijing: Temple of Heaven Forbidden City The Great Wall… Tour of the old Hutongs…classic old neighborhoods of Beijing. 798 District–Art Scene is a must in Beijing especially for contemporary art.  It is outside of city, a cab ride and you should leave yourself [...]

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Ex-Pats know all the good places……

Hi Chris, Gina and I recommend the following restaurants  to people going to Beijing My Humble House–Fantastic Chinese., great food contemporary setting, high end for China. They started in the Grand Hyatt/Oriental Plaza complex but now have a few locations (1 Dongchang’an Jie, W307 Oriental Plaza, Dongcheng district, +86 (0) 10 8518 8811) , http://www.tunglok.com/restaurants  Review: [...]

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